Adventure Diving

Do you want an unforgettable day in your life? Then just take 3 hours for yourself. Let the Experienced Dive Leaders of Active Blue Dive Center give you an unforgettable underwater adventure.
When you come to our diving center, we give you approximately 25-30 minutes of theoretical training. Then we equip the diving equipment. Then, accompanied by the diving leaders, we first make you get used to where your feet touch the ground. We start 30-35 underwater sightseeing dives to a depth of 4-5 meters. You start swimming with the fish underwater as if there is no gravity. You can feed them by hand with the bread we give you. We take your underwater photos and videos with GO PRO so that you always remember this moment.
Our dives start at 9 in the morning and continue until 17 in the evening (as long as the weather conditions allow)
You can bring a swimsuit, bikini, shorts, towel, slippers and, if desired, small snacks and food and beverages with you.

Alcohol must not be consumed before diving!