Night Diving

We plan and do our night dives regularly, 3 days a week. We perform our night dives in the sheltered bay in front of the dive centre. Depth varies between 5-10 meters. Night diving offers divers more visuals than day diving. The reason is that while most of the creatures rest during the day, they go out to hunt at night. This is a situation that increases the diversity of underwater.
The reasons such as better observing the underwater life and living species that cannot be seen during the day, flamingos (planktonic organisms emit light when disturbed by the movement of water; bioluminescence), which is a beauty peculiar to night diving, and seeing the true colors of the underwater at any depth since our light source is the lantern, make night diving attractive.
Night dives are always special, especially for divers who take photos or videos. We supply you with the flashlights you need in this special diving discipline, according to your needs.